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who is siinamota?

picture of mizoguchi ryo wearing a red jacket with a yellow background

siinamota (椎名もた) - real name: mizoguchi ryo - was born on march 09, 1995, was a japanese artist who mostly composed and produced vocaloid songs mainly featuring hatsune miku throughout his career. he also used other vocaloids such as kagamine rin, gumi, and megurine luka. his discography is full of energetic j-pop and j-rock songs that are heavily influenced by electronic genres.

writing and composing music at a very young age, he released his first album in 2010 under the label karent. he was 14 years old when he released his debut album named sepia record. as his music grew attention so did his career. he got signed under the label ginga (now part of record label UMAA) as a composer and producer while also helping him release the rest of his discography.

while he was mostly known for his music, he also liked drawing and would feature his art on album covers and booklets. he would also share his doodles on social media. he has collabed with fashion lines for album releases such as alterour setsuna pop where he collabed with earth music & ecology japan label which included clothes and accesories designed by him and one of his main album artists: meisa

ryo mizoguchi passed away at age 20, on july 23, 2015. the cause of his death is undisclosed though it is heavily believed to be because of suicide due to nature of his postings that same day. to this day, lots of fans still remember and enjoy his music throughout the world.

some other names siinamota has gone by thoughout his music career has been: fulkawa noro, powapowa-P, and highcolorz_sun.


all of these links lead to youtube!

  • sepia recordsepia record
    (セピアレコード ) - 2010
  • strobe last.epstrobe last
    - 2011
  • award strobe helloaward strobe hello
    - 2011
  • sepia record (remodel)sepia record (remodel)
    - 2011
  • alpaalpa
    - 2012
  • yume no manimaniyume no manimani
    (夢のまにまに) - 2012
  • 1, repeat 2, sleeping 3, OVERDOSE1, repeat 2, sleeping 3, OVERDOSE
    - 2012
  • kokegane no utakokegane no uta
    (コケガネのうた) - 2013
  • powapoworkspowapoworks
    - 2013
    - 2013
  • alterour setsuna popalterour setsuna pop
    (アルターワー・セツナポップ / alter world setsuna pop) - 2013
  • ikiruikiru
    (生きる / Alive) - 2015
  • poncutsu odysseyponcutsu odyssey
    (ポンコツ・オデッセイ) - 2015
  • therefor.therefor.
    - 2019
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  • siinamota portrait pic source is from cinra.net
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